What’s The Appeal Of Nipple Clamps?

 Over the last decade, there has been a significant rise in the popularity of sex toys, with the overall market value for toys reaching a new high. With that being said, there are countless different toys available to select from, but how do you know what is for you? This is why the experienced team at Surrender BDSM have combined their knowledge to create this guide on the appeal of nipple clamps so that you have a better understanding of at least one product on the market.  

What are nipple clamps?

 As the name may give away, nipple clamps are a toy designed to interact with your nipples in a sexual approach, often with kinky or dominance intent. They can be used by both males and females alike, though, in the case of BDSM scenarios, it’s more than likely that the submissive will be wearing the clamp at the request of the dominant.

 What’s the appeal?

           Sexual pain

The body is full of various erogenous areas, with the most obvious being either your penis or vagina, hence the creation of some of the most popular toys, but what about your nipples? Nipples are just as sexually stimulated as any other erogenous part, which is why nipple clamps are a great way to excite them further. That being said, unlike most other toys, the clamps are known to providing sexual pain to the wearer, though this is still a very effective way to increase the intensity and sexual lust for those involved.

•           Interested in BDSM

If you didn’t know, BDSM is a general term regarding activities that are often more ‘kinky’ or ‘controlled’ sex compared to traditional intimacy. One of the primary approaches for this is through sexual pain, which is what nipple clamps provide like mentioned above. As a dominant, you are in charge of your partner, the submissive, at which point you can place the clamps on your partner to show to them once more that you are in command.

•           Increase in sexual lust

We have already touched on this previously, but there is also another reason why lust is increased, and why the clamps are so popular. This is due to the blood flow being restricted when the clamps are worn, though more so when they are being removed, at which point you will receive a sharp rush of pain as well as an increase in endorphins.

What to keep in mind

•           Use them slowly

Like with every sex toy you may end up using, you should always approach the use of nipples clamps with caution. As they are intended to provide pain, you should always ensure that you are prepared by using them slowly rather than quickly to guarantee that those wearing the clamp are relaxed and happy to proceed.

•           Consider adjustability

Additionally, it’s also worth considering adjustable nipple clamps if this is your first time using them. Linking to the point above, it’s unlikely that you wear the clamp straight away that fits you perfectly, which is why adjustable clamps might be more suitable. At this point, you can then increase or decrease the influence, which is important when using sex toys.

Interested in trying yourself?

The only real way to find out if nipple clamps are for you is by trying them. By heading over to the SurrenderBDSM website, you can take a look at and purchase not only nipple clamps; but also a wide range of other BDSM sex toys design for males, females and couples. For those that are keen on bolstering their whole collection of toys, Add these to your basket today , designed to fulfil all of your BDSM desires.